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Monday, April 25, 2016

Three little kitties

4/23 This blog was really small so  I just saved the draft.
There are days when I love to be by myself and then there are days when I cannot stand being alone. Today I just wanted Adam to be around me. I always manage to get more accomplished when he's not here, I always clean things that get left undone otherwise, I always do my homework easier and I have more drive to complete tasks easier but since he wasn't here today all I wanted was for him to be here. I don't know if that's a human quality or not but I know its something I hate about myself. I feel like he defines me sometimes because I wait for him to return like a sad little puppy... sigh.

So Cinnamon my cat (11 months) just had three kittens. They are so cute, all have her same fur patterns. Spent the last few hours helping her out and praying she didn't die. I know thats horrid to think about but childbirth in kittens is not really that great of a turn out. She seems to be doing fine, just changed her sheets and stuff to make sure there's no internal bleeding and stuff. Kittens are already nursing. There is one runt, probably a female if not a runt. The picture is of demon, my husky trying to see what he was protecting because he sat by the tote the whole time and got up to "help" when she cried out.

I should have done homework today considering the but load thats going to be due tomorrow. Sigh, but she was having her babies so...  now I have 7 things due tomorrow and I have no plans to do anything else tonight... I should... but I probably won't. I smoked alot of cigarettes today, four in total I think... but thats way more than usual... I honestly was just having a rough day. I have been uncharacteristically cranky until she started meowing like she was dying of course, then the world kind of faded away. Funny how that works.

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