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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lies of life

So, I got my fafsa back today... Was a lot less than I had assumed I would get but I dealt with it. It really bugs me that literally all of that money was spoken for before I even got it. I had been planning out a list of things to get and so had Adam... so now I have to go off list and try to find the cheapest alternative I possibly can... which I don't mind but its a lot of extra work I didn't really have to do if he would have just gave me a price range and an idea of what he wanted but there are important things on this list that I probably will not be able to do like get my glasses and get the dog shots, because we need stuff for the vehicle and I wanted bikes so we could start exercising... But it's like I wasn't even informed about it, that's what bugs me the most. I have been planning this list out for a month and now its just like I didn't even write one. I am not sure why I expected differently... seems like just my luck honestly. Anyways, this blog is gonna be cut short because I have two classes of homework to do, of which I should have done some time this week instead of procrastinating. So toddles. 

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  1. Sorry sis, hate when something is less than you expected it to be.