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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Love is...

I opened my eyes to see him staring back at me. I knew it was time to wake up but I didn’t want to. I felt my lips form a slight smile. I blinked a few times feeling the light retract my pupils. Mmmm… I moaned delicately and closed my eyes falling back into sleep. The world is different for me now. I used to have issues waking up, a temper that was easily triggered. I used to hate feeling the reality set in, the cold dark depression creeping up like a blanket covering my existence. But everytime I wake up and see he is there my whole world seems more colorful. He is my other half, near my opposite enough that it doesn’t get boring but my whole enough that we share commonalities. He makes me smile when I nerd rage, calms me when I’m upset. I had a moment where I thought I was loosing him and I cried… if you know me at all you know it takes quite a bit to reduce me to tears… but a life without him snapped open flood gates. So what is love?

Life is a battlefield. It is a battlefield meant to prove who you are. We fight all these obstacles starting from the moment we breathe our first breath polluted air. It is so difficult for us to take our first steps, learn our first words, attend school, go through puberty and to learn mathematics. But here we are. 
We have such an adaptive nature that we learn what is assumed to be intelligence. We excell at somethings and choose our career paths… some making it, others falling shy and some never trying. 
We switch hobbies, schools, friends, states, likes and dislikes. As soon as we realease pharamones, normally tied to puberty, we start to search for love. So again, what is love?
Love is when you feel as though no mask is needed, you can let your true colors show without fear or ridicule or shame.
Love is hope.
Love is that moment when you can see the rest of your life melded with theirs.
Love is kind and rough.
Love is caring and brash.
Love is when you wish they were there when you are alone.
Love is knowing they will come back.
Love isn’t about a ring or a piece of paper, love isn’t about reading each others texts, emails, face book, or messages.
Love is about trust.
Love is fireworks.
Love is that first breath of air after you open the shower curtain.
Love is that first sip of coffee on a rainy morning.

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