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Monday, January 2, 2017

New year, New me


There was a time when I had a pure heart. I could see the world as though it were simple. My life did not have drama or lies. In fact, I just recently learned how to lie. I was so pure and then my near death experience broke me. I feel like I lost that person that I used to be but at the same time I like the new me. I want to make some tweaks on who I am but not completely erase these last four years of my life. A few things have remained constant though, I can feel what others feel. I am not as empathetic as I once was of course, but I am still aware of what people feel.

I plan to start living differently. In August, I started letting stuff go more often, specifically all the usual stuff like cleaning up after everyone else. I felt great when I had done this, of course my emotions got the best of me and I went right back to this way of mine. But that's the plan. I want to start everyday fresh, leaving the baggage from the day before as though it never happened. I want to stop complaining and start living for the day... It takes a while to get used to trying something new. Especially where your personality is concerned. Good luck to me, I guess. Cheers.



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