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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The lonely life of the fae.

There was this contest where I could ghost write for this highly sought after international writer. I was excited and all I had to do was run four miles to the finish line against three other people and the first two to arrive at the finish line would win. 
I won so I shadowed him
Told him I was a writer he offered me 17 dollars an hour a mac laptop and a microphone for the computer. 
Did not turn that down and started immediately. 
So I start ghost writing for him by doing research in this small town and I call my guy and meet up with him, the other contest winner and some other girl.
I don't know who they were but the girl that wasn’t the contest winner was a fae. 
In the dream the fae disguised themselves as matrons, maids, nurses and nuns in order to spread their light magic with the people. 
So we drop the fae off at her house after we had a trip to New York. Only when we get there the dark fae were on her doorstep, we didn’t notice them at first but once we did it was hard to see how we couldn’t before. 
So I run to her and drag her back to the car and we start driving back to my guy who stayed in Washington with my new boss. 
Something makes us turn back. 
So we get back to the town to see it destroyed in approximately a ten minute time period. 
So we barricade ourselves in the house owned by the other contest winner. 
She had a party so people were drunk and passed out in random rooms.
So I go to a back room to look out the window. 
Its a room with a mom and two kids, her roommate I think.
I’m looking out the window and I spot the dark fae hovering over this destroyed rubble.
It takes me a second to realize it’s a bed and even longer to see the kid stirring beneath the sheets so I start freaking out and run to the front door.
As I get closer I come across the other girl and the light fairy who are also determined to rescue this one little girl.
I tell them to protect the house and run outside to get this girl.
I manage to get to her and start running back.
I get surrounded by them and can’t shake em that’s when I woke up.
But the dream kept going
I managed to get back in the house and wake up the mom and hand her the kid.
Told her that no matter what happens this child is hers and they can never tell her different.
She is her flesh and blood and came from her womb.
That way the fae couldn’t take her and turn her into a dark fairy. 
Because in my dream only unwanted or parent-less children are subjective to the life of fae… the lonely life of a fae. 

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